Services, maintenance and repair

Services, maintenance and repair of volumes / tanks of all types, including with increased risk, repair and full-service oil depots, gas storage facilities, filling stations, gas stations, etc. More »

Company work all necessary actions to comply with the Ordinance H-18 of 13.12.2006

Tanks cleaning for highly flammable liquids and LPG; Tanks calibration for highly flammable liquids and LPG; Making a test hole for the needs of public authorities; More »

GASTEH BG Ltd is specialized in reconstruction and repair

Reconstruction and repair of the industrial pipeline systems; oil pipelines and full oil product pipelines; fire rings at industrial sites; tanks for LPG, light fuel, etc.; steam and hot water boilers; receivers for gaseous fluid and others pressure vessels; gas regulatory boards to work with LPG and CNG; bottle groups for compressed natural gas – transportable and stationary; tankers for transportation of LPG; repair of technological equipment and more. More »

GASTEH BG Ltd. performed periodic technical inspection

Periodic technical inspection on gas installations as required by the ordinances; on the pressure equipment as required by the ordinances; protection and stoppers valves; gas signaling systems; hoses and flexible hoses More »

Company work all necessary actions to comply with the Ordinance H-18 of 13.12.2006

Make of an information panel in accordance with Regulation H-18 of 13.12.2006; entering data from the calibration table. More »


Consultation to bring the warehouses in accordance with Ordinance № 3; Analysis and motivational advice for initiation of licensing and registration on EDTWA – positive and negative sides, consistent with the client. More »


About GASTEH BG Ltd.

GASTEH BG Ltd. has been registered by the Sofia City Court in 2004 as a solely owned limited liability company, based in the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, Ilinden Municipality, Sveta Troitsa residential area, block 147, floor 5, office 10, and a head office based in the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, Ovcha cupel residential area, 4, Zemedelska Str. The company is managed and represented by Mr. Lyubomir Denkov Slavov.

The main activity of the company is research, design, building, installation, repair, reconstruction and maintenance of high risk equipment. From the beginning of its business activity the company has been given the necessary certificates by the State Agency for Metrological Audit, as well as the permission to maintain, reconstruct and reorganize gas equipment and installations, as well as to maintain, reconstruct and reorganize steam cauldrons and high-pressure boilers, high-pressure equipments, steam and hot water pipelines. Since 2007 the company has been registered at the State Agency for Metrological Audit under number C231, as a company performing maintenance, reconstruction and reorganization of hot water and steam pipelines, steam cauldrons, high pressure boilers with pressure up to 1.6 MPa, hot water cauldrons, equipments and installations under pressure, transmission and distribution gasification pipelines, industrial gas installations, building gas installations, devices for natural and liquefied hydrocarbon gas, as well as oil transportation pipings. Since June Gasteh BG Ltd. has a permission by the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Supervision for the maintenance of limiting devices for cauldrons and vessels with working pressure over 1.0 MPa.

GASTEH BG Ltd. has a certificate, allowing it to participate in public orders, related to the defense and the security of the Republic of Bulgaria for the research, planning, construction, installation, repair, reconstruction and servicing of high danger equipment.

Up to now GASTEH BG Ltd. has proven its professionalism working together with its main clients as: Ecogas Consult Ltd., Sinergon Petroleum Ltd., Toplivo P.L.C., Gastrade P.L.C., Metamodul Ltd., Tempo Petrol P.L.C., ADA – IM Ltd., Butan-Gas Ltd., Omaks Ltd., M-Gas Ltd.  Ruse, Bulmarket – Sofia Ltd., Vekta Ltd. – city of Plovdiv, ROE Bulgaria Ltd., OMV Bulgaria Ltd., PETROL Ltd. and last, but not least, Sofiagas P.L.C., where the company has a contract as subcontractor for building gas installations for the private and public sectors. The company performs a subscription technical maintenance and servicing of more than 30 gas stations for propane-butane, 17 gas stations for the compression of natural gas, and more than 45 industrial and administrative sites working with propane-butane and methane, over 12 cauldron plants, and has contracts for servicing with more than 400 home-based gas installations.

Some of our biggest clients are: Sopharma P.L.C., Sofia Airport P.L.C., State Enterprise Air Traffic Control, Danone Serdica P.L.C., Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria P.L.C., Prosveta Publishing House, Bankya Physioterapy Hospital, Kraiburg Bulgaria Ltd., Ellatzite Med Ltd., Kendy Ltd.

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